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• 2/2/2019

Did Gregoria ever hold her nose???

Did she?? If so, what from

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• 10/19/2018

1999 series Mission Hill

Did anyone else know that in episode 3 there was a character named Vampirina? This cartoon was published before the first of the Vampirina books (Ballerina) which the show was based on!

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• 10/2/2018

Fingerless gloves

I never paid much mind to them but recently saw some fan art where they stood out:

Have the gloves ever been mentioned in any of the episodes? Has the reason for wearing them been explained?

Vampires are tough and quick-healing so you wouldn't think they'd need to avoid calluses. Perhaps they have oily skin and need the friction for gripping better?

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• 12/21/2017

The story of Vampirina

this is stupid............
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