Demi is a supporting character in the Disney Junior animated series Vampirina. Along with Gregoria, he helps take care of and guide Vampirina Hauntley when her parents are away and usually tags along on her adventures. However, he is also rather clumsy and forgetful, which can sometimes cause or escalate the problems Vee is facing, though he has come up with solutions in some situations.


Demi is one of Vee's best friends, and she loves having her friend around. A running gag in the show is he does cartwheels in the air. Even though Demi can be clumsy, everybody loves him dearly.


Demi is a small cyan apparition with a purplish-pink bowtie on his chest. He has very short arms and legs and has only 2 fingers on his hands. The 4 fingers are attached together but not his thumbs. He has big eyes with small black pupils, a tail-like part on his head, a small nose, toe-less feet, and a smiling mouth.


Season 1


  • He is a ghost so he can fly through walls, windows, doors, and any other object.
  • Demi once cried because Boris turned into a garden snail and Oxana turned into a nanny goat. He couldn't figure out the right ingredients for the potion that turns any bat back into a vampire.


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