Ha ha ha! The little human is out!
— Dragos

Dragos, also known as Dragos the Dancer is a viral celebrity and an antagonist in Vampirina. His debut was in "Vee Goes Viral".


Dragos is a funky Vampire who arises from time to time when 100 humans perform his favorite dance, the “Spine-chiller” which was recorded by Poppy’s brother, Edgar when Vampirina and Poppy learned the dance. He can be also very competitive towards everybody.


Dragos is a vampire with slicked back black and white hair, lavender skin and purple eyes. He also has pointed ears. He wears a high collared hot pink to purple disco shirt with some decals on it. He also wears high waisted black slacks alongside black and purple dancing shoes.


Season 1


  • He hates being called just "Dragos"
  • His favorite dance is the “Spine Chiller” which is a dance in which consists of “Monster monster, mummy head, claw claw spider jump, spooky walk, spooky walk big foot jump !”
  • If someone is to lose a dance battle against him, they are unable to dance ever again.
  • He is considered to be the first villain of the show.
  • He does not appear as a villain in "Home Scream Home".


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