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Edna Peepleson is a supporting character in Disney Junior’s Vampirina. She is the mother of Poppy and Edgar and Vampirina’s next-door neighbor.

She often gets creeped out by the spooky things found in Vampirina‘s home, but respects her and her family nonetheless. She is also the leader of the Woodchuck Woodsies group that Vee and her friends take part in, and the judge of the dog show Vampirina enters Wolfie in.


She is very excitable, motherly, and supportive. But she is easily scared of spooky stuff. Unlike her children, she never suspects there is anything supernatural around the Hauntleys. She has some trouble with disappointment, as revealed when she loses the house-decorating competition to the Hauntleys in "Hauntleyween."


Edna Peepleson has brown eyes, short brown hair, and yellow earrings. She wears a yellow, pink, and orange zigzag pattern sweater decorated with orange cats, ivory pants with brown buttons and light yellow flower patterns all over, and orange shoes. She is tall and slender and she has very dark skin. She also appears to have reddish pink lipstick on her lips.


  • She is voiced by Cree Summer, who known for voiced Elmyra Duff in Tiny Toon Adventures and Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain, Susie Carmichael in Rugrats and All Grown Up!, Princess Kida in the franchise of Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Valerie Gray in Danny Phantom, Maxine "Max" Gibson in Batman Beyond, Foxxy Love in Drawn Together, Numbuh 5 in Codename: Kids Next Door, Magma in X-Men Legends, Yvonne and Gordon in Mrs. Munger's Class, Cleo the Poodle in Clifford the Big Red Dog, Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy, Witch Haggar in Voltron: Legendary Defender, Kim Cherrywood in The Care Bears Movie, Christy in Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation and Beast Girl in Teen Titans Go!.
  • She is Mexican, as revealed in "Nanpire the Great."
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