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Below is a list of characters outside of the main cast who have made at least one physical appearance in an episode.

Guest characters

  • Cosmina and Narcisa, two centuries-old internet-using vampire sisters who were guests at the Scare B&B.
  • King Pepi, a mummy from Egypt.
  • Olga, Vampirina's aunt.
  • Nosferatu, Vee's baby cousin.
  • Matilda, a cuddly Snugglot monster.
  • Mr. Froufington, a foodie who visits the Scare B&B to try Oxana’s food.
  • Scream Girls, Vee's favourite band.
    • Franken Stacy, A highly intelligent girl who is 15 years old. She is friendly to her fellow bandmates.
    • Creepy Caroline, A shy but friendly 14 year old. She can be nervous sometimes.
    • Ghastly Gayle, An optimistic, enthusiastic, energetic, level-headed, and pretty 13 year old. She can be pretty ditzy sometimes. She is a bit of an airhead.
  • Buttons, a blue Cuddle Monster.
  • Hornadette and Shriekia, a two-headed monster whose two heads are sisters.
  • Rusty Topsail, a ghost pirate.
  • Uncle Bob, an old friend of Boris who is often called "Uncle Bob" by Vee.
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