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"The Friendship Festival" is a song from the Vampirina episode "Two Heads Are Better Than One". It is sung by Vee as she gets ready for her first friendship festival in Pennsylvania.



Oh the Friendship Festival
The Transylvanian Friendship Festival

Race with your friends through a haunted mirror maze
While making sure that they avoid Medusa's gaze

Stand by their side in a monster tug-of war
Or help them pin the tail on the manticore

At the Friendship Festival
I love the Transylvanian Friendship Festival

Balance on brooms
Capture Frankenstein's flag
Watch out for tombs
While racing 'round in zombie tag

Fly through the air in a three-winged race
You'll share the trophy bone when you both win first place

At the Friendship Festival
I'm gonna throw my friends a Friendship Festival

I love them all
And I just know they'll have a ball

At the Friendship Festival


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