The "Vampirina Theme Song" is the opening theme song for the Disney Junior animated series of the same name.



Chorus: Vampirina

Vampirina: We were normal vampires in Transylvania
Like the other monsters on every block
Till we packed our things
and we flapped our wings
And we got a case of human race culture shock

Chorus: Whoa oh oh, Vampirina
Vampirina: I maybe blue with pointy teeth
Chorus: Whoa oh oh, Vampirina
Vampirina: But I'm not so different underneath

Oxana: It's true that our taste maybe a little offbeat
Boris: But we're the battiest monsters you'll ever meet

Chorus: Whoa oh oh, Vampirina
Vampirina: A ghoulish girl in a human world
Chorus: Whoa oh oh, Vampirina
Vampirina: It may seem strange but it's true,
I'm just like you

Chorus: Whoa oh oh, Vampirina


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