"Won't Let You Go" is a song from the Vampirina episode "Oldie But a Ghouldie". It is sung by Vee and Gregoria after Gregoria is accidentally taken away by the collector after Vee's family did their spring cleaning.



Vampirina: You may be made up of rock and granite
But you're as sweet as a scareberry pie
The kindest concrete on this whole planet
So please don't make this goodbye

Now I've got to let you know
that I won't let you go

I'd miss the way that you gripe and grumble
And how each morning you gently growl
All of those jokes that you sweetly mumble
The world's most fang-tastic scowl

You were there to watch me grow
so I won't let you go

Gregoria: I'll miss spook soccer and kick the haunted can
Vampirina: The eerie tea parties that we'd plan
Both: And bedtime tales of the Bogeyman

Vampirina: So I've got to let you know
Gregoria: I've got to let you know
Both: No, I won't let you go


The song later reprised towards the end of the episode.


Vampirina: We know the moment that we first met you,
we had the best gargoyle on the block
There is no way that we could forget you
We think you totally rock

Vampirina: Oh Gregoria, you know
Gregoria: I know
Vampirina: We'll never let you go


  • This is the first Vampirina song in the series to have a reprise.


Won't Let You Go Music Video Vampirina Disney Junior

Won't Let You Go Music Video Vampirina Disney Junior


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